One of the underrated events in NJ online sports betting is the market for college football futures.

William Hill NJ recently shared data of all bets placed to win the 2020 National Championship in their sportsbooks across New Jersey, Nevada, and West Virginia, and the results are quite interesting.

The data is focused on total dollars wagered and total number of tickets for the winner of the 2020 College Football Playoffs.

Top 10 College Football Future Bets by Total Dollars Bet:

College Football Team % of Total Dollars Wagered
Georgia Bulldogs 12%
Alabama Crimson Tide 11%
Oklahoma Sooners 8%
Ohio State Buckeyes 8%
Clemson Tigers 7%
Michigan Wolverines 6%
Texas Longhorns 6%
Oregon Ducks 4%
LSU Tigers 3%
Notre Dame Fighting Irish 3%

It’s not surprising to see the class of the college football world at the top with UGA, Bama, and Oklahoma, but it is surprising to see Clemson as sixth on this list returning their Heisman-candidate QB Trevor Lawrence and their top offensive weapons in Travis Etienne, Justyn Ross and more.

Yes, it may be because they are currently 12/5, but so is Alabama and they have taken 11% of total dollars wagered.

Top 10 Future Bets by Total Tickets Bet:

College Football Team % of Total Tickets Placed
Georgia Bulldogs 8%
Oklahoma Sooners 8%
Ohio State Buckeyes 7%
Notre Dame Fighting Irish 6%
Michigan Wolverines 6%
Alabama Crimson Tide 5%
Oregon Ducks 5%
Clemson Tigers 4%
Penn State Nittany Lions 4%
LSU Tigers 4%

The most interesting part of this entire table is actually what is not on here.

In the previous chart, you saw that the Texas Longhorns had received 6% of the total dollars wagered. They aren’t even on this list of total # of tickets placed. What does that mean? It means people are placing a larger sum of money on the Longhorns to win, rather than the number of tickets.

Texas is currently 20/1 to win the National Championship on the William Hill NJ app.

The Penn State Nittany Lions are interesting as well, as they show up on this chart of total number of tickets, but not in the total number of money wagered. That means a lot of users are placing low bets on the Lions to win it all. Given their odds of 60/1 (down from 75/1), that makes sense.