November means one thing. The beginning of college basketball betting for NJ sports betting apps.

For some, college basketball is a favorite sport when it comes to betting. It’s notorious amongst the betting community that college hoops has a very exploitable market, and that starts with futures.

At William Hill US, there are dozens of futures odds for NCAAB to win the NCAA Tournament. In addition, we have the most popular bets information as well from William Hill.

Let’s dive into the college basketball market, look at some of the betting public’s favorite bets, and more.


To Win 2020 Mens NCAA Tournament

School Odds to Win Title
Michigan State 600
Kentucky 700
Duke 900
North Carolina 1200
Memphis 1200
Kansas 1200
Louisville 1800
Florida 2000
Villanova 2200
Gonzaga 2200
Virginia 2200
Maryland 2500
Texas Tech 2800
Arizona 3500
Baylor 4000
Oregon 4000
Ohio State 5000
Washington 5000
Marquette 5000
LSU 5000
Xavier 6000
Auburn 6000
Florida State 6000
Tennessee 6000
Michigan 6000
Houston 7500
Mississippi State 7500
Purdue 7500
Syracuse 10000
Wisconsin 10000
UCLA 10000
Iowa 10000
The Field 10000
Texas 10000
Illinois 12500
Southern California 12500
Cincinnati 12500
Iowa State 12500
Utah State 15000
West Virginia 15000
NC State 20000
Georgetown 25000
Davidson 30000
Notre Dame 30000
St Mary’s 30000
VA Comm 50000
Virginia Tech 50000
St Johns 50000
Buffalo 75000
BYU 100000
Central Florida 100000
Lipscomb 100000

New Jersey teams are not included




Michigan State +600

Sparty is the favorite entering the season, and the odds have already moved from +700 to +600 since Halloween. With a vastly experienced starting five including two seniors in Cassius Winston and Joshua Langford, Michigan State is poised to make a run and comes in as the preseason favorite and preseason #1 in the Top 25.

A lack of size could be the downfall for Michigan State, but given the level of athleticism and experience it will be a tall task to bring down the Spartans.


Memphis +1200

Penny Hardaway has the Memphis faithful buzzing in Tennessee, and the new-look Tigers are one of the more popular teams entering the 2019-2020 season. Memphis has four freshman in the starting five including the number-one ranked prospect in all of basketball in James Wiseman. The talent is there, is this the beginning of one of the new powerhouses in college basketball?


Most Popular College Basketball Futures

Percentage of bet tickets placed to win 2020 Final Four.

School Percentage of Tickets
Michigan State 7%
Duke 6%
North Carolina 5%
Kansas 5%
Gonzaga 4%
Kentucky 4%
Memphis 4%
Maryland 4%
Villanova 4%
Florida 3%
Michigan 3%
Oregon 3%
Texas Tech 2%
Virginia 2%
Louisville 2%

The current favorite in Michigan State has brought in the majority of the bets at 7%.

Duke comes in at number two with six percent of the bets taken, but all four teams that have brought in 5% of the tickets or more are all ranked in the preseason top 10:

  • MSU (1) 7%
  • Duke (4) 6%
  • North Carolina (9) 5%
  • Kansas (3) 5%

It starts to get interesting with Memphis at 4% of the tickets, but they are ranked 14th. As aforementioned, this is a very popular team amongst William Hill bettors.

Michigan is not ranked in the Top 25, but they have received 3% of the bets, which is more than defending National Champion Virginia, who has just 2% of the bets and is ranked 11th.


Percentage of Handle

School Percentage of Handle
Duke 11%
Michigan State 9%
Kentucky 8%
Kansas 7%
Florida 6%
Memphis 6%
Louisville 4%
North Carolina 4%
Maryland 4%
Oregon 3%
Gonzaga 3%
Washington 3%
Villanova 3%
Arizona 2%
Marquette 2%

There has been a lot of money on Duke, as they are the only team to bring in more than 10% of the total betting handle. With 6% of the total tickets on Duke but 11% of the money, there is a plethora of hope and expectation for Coach K to bring home another championship.

Michigan State is second with 9%, but that’s just a two-percent difference from the total percentage of tickets.

One notable is Washington, who is not listed in the top 15 teams in percentage of bets taken, but they have 3% of the total handle. Sharp money on the Huskies? That may be. Washington is ranked just outside the Top 25.